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New/Used Entegra Coach Dealer, Michigan Motorhome Sales

4.63 Out of 5 Stars

Entegra Coach Reviews

Dave Allen of Montgomery, TX with their Aspire 42DEQ
2014 Entegra Coach Aspire 42DEQ

We can't believe you beat our local dealer prices on both of our coaches!

Entegra Coach

For top-of-the-line elegance that can’t be beat, Entegra Coach delivers! These Class A motorhomes uphold a high standard of unmatched quality and elegance that makes travel an ultra luxurious experience, and we take pride in helping you embark on upscale travels the way you’ve always imagined!

As a member of the Jayco, Inc. family, Entegra Coach has been striving to deliver quality-crafted luxury motorhomes that stand the test of time since 2008! Entegra Coach follows Jayco, Inc.’s deep respect for quality, integrity, and togetherness that reflects in their impeccable craftsmanship and outstanding customer service! Jayco’s founder Lloyd Jay Bontrager had a vision to surround every aspect of the company with a pleasant, fair, and honorable environment for both employees and customers, so you can be assured that each Entegra Coach motorhome is crafted and delivered to you with thoughtful consideration from start to finish!

We carry all four of Entegra Coach’s models, each aptly named for their air of elegance and superiority! Leave your mark while traveling in the amazing Insignia, or stir up envy from fellow travelers in the Aspire. The Anthem will have you signing its praises of beauty and elegance, and the Cornerstone takes everything to the next level! Each of these diesel pushers exude sophistication from their name-brand appliances and furniture, durable construction, down the Spartan chassis. Although the level of luxury is unbeatable in standard coaches, we offer incredible custom-build options so you can hit the road in the motorhome you’ve only seen in your wildest dreams! If you’re ready to indulge in the finest motorhomes in the industry, let us help you make your dreams a reality today!