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Where are the Prices?

You can find Motorhomes 2 Go in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. Home of ArtPrize, the world’s biggest art competition, and just minutes from the lovely shores of Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids deserves a spot high on your list of vacation destinations! We are also located within 100 miles from some of our top RV manufacturers. Our close proximity means lower delivery fees for us and lower prices for you, our valued customer. But where are our prices on our website? Why don't we post prices on our RVs? We want to tell you why!

In addition to receiving great deals on delivery fees, we also work hard to build strong relationships with our manufacturers so that we receive great deals on our RVs. This all translates to lower RV prices for our customers. However, in the name of competition, manufacturers ask us to sign a contract that prohibits us from posting our low prices in the fear that other RV dealerships will not be able to compete with their prices. For this reason, we keep our prices off of our website.

The price of an RV can be effected by many things. You might want to upgrade a base model with an entertainment package or an outdoor kitchen which adds an additional cost. Or you may be trading in an older RV and will receive a credit toward your RV purchase. And often we offer promotions or have discounts that lower the total cost of an RV. So if we posted a price in the window or online, it most likely wouldn't be the best price we can offer. And if we can't post our best price, then we don't want to post any price at all.

Instead, we ask that you call, click, or visit us at Motorhomes 2 Go to speak directly with one of our experienced, knowledgeable sales people about finding the perfect motorhome for you! We're confident that you'll love our friendly customer service! Our top-rated dealership makes RV shopping easy and fun!

We can’t wait to meet you and help you on your journey of years of camping and affordable vacations.

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