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When And Where Should I Get My Motorhome Tires Rotated?

It is good practice to rotate the tires on everyday vehicles like cars and trucks. It extends the life of tires by making sure the tires get even wear between them. You probably assume that the same concept should be applied to your motorhome, but that may not exactly be the case! We will discuss when and where you should get your motorhome tires rotated.

When To Rotate

All things considered, the general consensus is that you will probably never have to rotate your motorhome’s tires! Typically, even if you keep the tires in good shape, they will probably have to be replaced before you’ll notice enough notable wear on them and have to have them rotated. As motorhomes may not be used very often, especially with Class A motorhomes, it is likely that your tires will fall victim to age weathering before they sustain enough regular wear to call for a rotation!

There are a few things to look for that might warrant a motorhome tire rotation or replacement. You should be on the lookout for foreign objects lodged in the tires, cracks and bulges in the sidewalls, ozone cracking, and weathering. Additionally, the front tires should always be checked for abnormal weathering patterns. To check, run your hands along the tread of the tire, paying close attention for dipping or cupping, which will be present if there is a problem. Also run your hands the width of the tread and feel for feathering, which will generally only go in one direction. These may indicate misalignment, which you will need to have corrected. And in this case, a tire rotation may be needed to even out the alignment and even out weathering on the treads.

It is a good idea to have the alignment of your motorhome checked after you buy it to ensure that it is correct, as they don’t always come from the manufacturer as perfectly aligned as they could be. Even if your motorhome is still under warranty, the manufacturer may tell you that it is your responsibility to correct any misalignment. If you take the preventative measures, you could stop preventable wear on your tires from ever happening in the first place!

If the rare occasion arises that you’ll need a tire rotation, perhaps the rotation of only the front tires may be necessary. For a lot of motorhomes, sometimes different types of tires are used for different areas of the chassis, so rotating between back and front is not an option. Furthermore, rotating your tires when they don’t have an existing issue could lead to more wear and damage, creating the need to purchase new tires sooner than if you had left them in their original position.

A lot of times, a professional will be able to determine whether a tire rotation will be needed for your motorhome’s tires, or if another course of action might be needed.

Where To Get Motorhome Tires Rotated

As with most motorhome maintenance needs, tire inspections and rotations can most likely be done at the dealership where you purchased your rig! Sometimes dealerships may have partnerships with local repair or tire shops for an easy experience! Be sure to call ahead and verify that your dealership provides these services.

There are many RV repair shops that specialize in maintenance and repairs of RVs and motorhomes, which may be one of your best options, especially if you have a massive Class A motorhome, which could be more difficult to work with. These places can do a tire rotation if needed, and fix any alignment issues you might have!

A lot of times, your neighborhood truck tire shop can perform a tire rotation for you. These shops will be well equipped to deal with big trucks, RVs, and motorhomes! Again, be sure to call ahead just to make sure that they can accommodate your motorhome!

In conclusion, if you perform regular maintenance on your motorhome tires, and ensure that your motorhome’s alignment is correct, there is a great chance that you will not need to get the tires rotated! Always be sure to have a technician inspect the tires during every routine maintenance check to ensure that your tires are in good working order! Hopefully this advice has helped, and you aren’t suffering any issues that could lead to needing a tire rotation! Have any additional advice about motorhome tire rotation, or where to get a rotation done? Leave us a comment!

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