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Warm Up With a Cup of White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice

Gathered around a campfire at a woodsy campsite is a great way to spend a fall evening! As you tell stories, jokes, and recall your favorite activities from the day, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate just adds to the special feel of the night. While good old-fashioned hot chocolate can't be beat, give this fall-inspired version a try. Warm up with a cup of white chocolate pumpkin spice and feel good from the inside out! Just plug in your crockpot, pour in the ingredients, and let it sit while you’re off hiking, fishing, or sightseeing. It'll be waiting for you when you get back!


3 C. whole milk (use 2% for a lower-fat version)
1½ C. white chocolate chips
½ C. pumpkin spice coffee creamer
Toppings such as whipped cream, marshmallows, cinnamon, or powdered pumpkin spice


Step 1: Pour the milk and the white chocolate chips into the crockpot. Cook on low for about 3 hours, or until the chocolate chips have melted and everything is nicely blended.

Step 2: Stir in the creamer and blend well. Let it simmer for another 30 minutes to warm the creamer and bring out the flavor.

Step 3: Pour into cups and top with whipped cream, marshmallows, cinnamon, and/or pumpkin spice! You can even garnish with a cinnamon stick for an added touch of fall fancy!

Most of the "pumpkin spice" menu items that pop up all over during the fall aren't very kid friendly. We see pumpkin spice coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos. Not exactly kid fare. But this fall-inspired hot chocolate lets kids get in on the pumpkin spice action with a hot beverage that they'll love! You can play around with this recipe too, adding in things like dark chocolate chips or caramel. Be creative and make it your own! You never know, you may just invent the next hot seller at Starbucks!

Do you spice up your hot chocolate with a different flavor? Share your hot chocolate recipe with us below!

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