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Using Your RV For Dog Show Travel

Calling all elite dogs! Whether you have a beautiful purebred companion, a well-behaved pooch, or even an energetic mutt, dog shows can be the perfect activity for both dogs and owners! Let's explore the world of dog shows, and how using your RV for dog show travel can be comfortable and efficient for both you and your four-legged better half!

Types Of Dog Shows

If you and your canine counterpart are already immersed in the world of dog shows, this section is old news! But if you're interested in entering your dog into shows, here are some of the most popular types of shows that your pooch might be great for!

Conformation Show

When you think of a typical dog show, you probably have a picture in your mind of perfectly groomed dogs of all breeds being paraded around and carefully inspected. This is more formally known as a conformation show or breed show, where judges evaluate dogs based on their breed and how they conform to the breed standard. These shows can range in size from a single breed to more broad groups like hounds, or general shows where all groups are welcome (think the Westminster Dog Show).

Obedience Competition

Who's a good boy? If your dog is, you could consider entering your canine into obedience competitions! This definitely isn't for those spastic, excitable pooches; your dog should be responsive and obedient to a variety of commands, be trained to walk with you per your commands, and stay focused despite a crowd. Not only will it feel good for them to do well in a competition, but you'll really appreciate a well-behaved dog at home or in your RV!

Agility Competition

If you have a dog that likes to run and jump, agility competitions are perfect! Dogs run a course with obstacles like jumps, tunnels, teeter totters, and much more while their owners run along with them and coach them. It's always impressive to see just how smart and coordinated these dogs are, and boy are they fast! If you need a laugh today, just look up dog agility bloopers; some pups just aren't having it!

Dock Jumping

If your dog's favorite pastimes are playing with the frisbee and jumping, dock jumping (a.k.a. diving dogs) will be a fun activity for your pooch! Dogs will take a running start and jump into a pool as far as they can! Sometimes a toy is thrown to inspire dogs to jump further, and variations of this event include air retrieve, where dogs must catch an object in the process of their jump. The longest recorded dock jump spans over 30 feet! Woof!

Camping At Dog Shows

If you don't want to deal with finding a dog-friendly hotel, RVing with your pups is a great idea! Most of the time, on-site camping is available right at dog show venues! You'll want to make sure that your rig is equipped to handle dry camping, as many sites offer a limited number of hookups, if any at all. Visit the particular show's website for specific camping information. If you're looking for more comfortable accommodations, you can always search for a nearby campground! If you're looking for a new motorhome for your show-worthy dog, Motorhomes 2 Go has a great selection! If you're traveling with multiple pups, we recommend a spacious class A coach, like the ultra-luxurious Entegra Coach Aspire which comes with huge basement storage space that can be modified into kennel spaces! If you have only one or two pups along for the ride, a comfortable class C motorhome may be more your speed. Just make sure you choose something that has plenty of space for your dog to move around. You can bring dogs along in just about any type of RV, and you could even consider making some pet-friendly modifications to your RV to make it easier for your pooch to be comfortable. But remember, any permanent modifications may void your RV's warranty!

Shows To Check Out

Whether you have an elite canine or are just looking to attend as a spectator, there are countless awesome dog shows for you to check out all across the country!

Westminster Dog Show

Since 1877, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has been showcasing top dogs of all breeds! It is held every February at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and features as many as 3,000 entries a year! A win in this conformation competition, especially for the coveted Best In Show title, is pretty much the most prestigious honor you can get in the dog show world. For all you cat people out here, felines were informally included in the 2017 competition with agility demonstrations, so maybe a Westminster title could be a possibility for your kitty in the future! I can't even keep my cats off the table, so I'm not holding my breath for that one.

National Dog Show

Chances are, just about every single one of you has seen at least parts of the National Dog Show, which is also sanctioned by the American Kennel Club. This is another prestigious annual conformation show, which you've probably caught snippets of after the coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! It's always enjoyable to see all the exotic breeds, and the Best In Show title is another prestigious title that owners pine for!

Michigan Winter Dog Classic

Every dog has to start somewhere! After training and some smaller-scale competitions, your pooch may be ready for the Winter Dog Classic, which is held annually in Novi! There are a variety of events, with a large conformation competition, a dock diving competition, and plenty of services, vendors, and demonstrations! Since camping in the Metro Detroit area can be tricky, bring your RV and say at the gorgeous Waldenwoods Resort & Conference Center. This campground is available by membership only, but it's fabulous and worth it! You can also request a free trial stay, which would be great if you can get it to line up with this dog show!

Before You Hit The Road ...

Before you pack up the RV, or go and purchase a new RV for your dog show travels, you should be aware that traveling with show dogs can create quite a hassle in terms of service. Some companies like Good Sam, AAA, and possibly even your insurance company may not service your RV, or require you to register for different coverage when you're traveling with show dogs. These companies classify traveling with show dogs as a commercial activity, and normal RV coverage does not cover commercial use of RVs. This may also void your RV's manufacturer's and extended warranty, so if you're still under coverage, you may expect to lose it. If you have doubts about traveling to dog shows, give us a call with any questions! Ready to hit the road with your prestigious pup? Start your adventure off on the right paw with a visit to Motorhomes 2 Go! We have a huge selection of motorhomes for sale in Grand Rapids, one of the largest in the country, in fact, that your four-legged friend will love to call home! Our incredible wholesale prices, combined with our super affordable special financing options, makes us the best breed of RV dealer in Michigan! Are you interested in entering your loyal canine in a dog show, or are you an experienced competitor? Do you take your RV along to shows? Comment with your experiences, or better yet, show us a picture of your pup and let us know how much they love competing!

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