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Top Camping Tools That Most Forget on Their First Trip

There's no doubt about it—packing for a camping trip is a big undertaking! Just like with anything else, the more you do it the better you'll get at it! So if you're new to the world of camping or RVing, you'll most likely be overwhelmed by the thought of packing. Not only do you need to think about clothes, toiletries, kitchen essentials, and food, but there are camping tools you'll need as well. And until you spend a few days in the great outdoors, there are tools and items you won't even know you need ... until you are without them. So we've put together a list of top camping tools that most people forget on their first trip so that you'll be prepared for anything and everything. Read on and start packing!

Headlamps—wear them when exploring around the campground at night

Cast-iron Dutch oven—perfect for campfire cooking

Multitool—the more features, the better (pliers, wire cutters, crimper, knives, files, scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener, etc.)

Fire starters/igniters—being able to start a fire is a must!

Compass/map—even if your friends call you Magellan, don't assume you can find your way around in the great outdoors without one of these

Bear repellant—if you're venturing into bear country, don't leave home without this

Emergency radio—to stay on top of impending severe weather or natural disasters

Solar power accessories—take advantage of the sun's energy and harness it to power your RV and/or devices; look for a kit that includes a solar panel, tilting stand, wire, battery clamps, and mounting hardware

Sewer tools—to help make a dirty job not quite so dirty, look for a kit that ensures a secure sewer connection

Tire gauge—don't have a blow out; always stay on top of your tire pressure with this handy tool

Retractable tie-downs-—use these to secure your outdoor accessories when high winds are coming

Drinking water hose—connect to campground water for an endless supply of clean drinking water

Toilet drop-in tablets—help break down waste, control odors, and get the tank cleaner during pump-out

Slide-out lubricant/protectant—keep your slide outs performing smoothly and quietly by regularly applying a lubricant or protectant

Leveling blocks—stack them under your RV's wheels to level it

Wheel chocks—these keep tires from rolling once you're parked at your campsite

Satellite TV accessories—if you want to enjoy local programs and more, invest in a good-quality antenna

Power cables—if you think you'll need to connect two generators for additional power, travel with power cords so you can connect them together

Generator cords—bring along a generator extension cord so it can reach further if needed

Jump starter—it's always smart to travel with a jump starter in case anything needs a jolt, like your tire pump, lights, phone charger, and mobile devices

Replacement light bulbs—travel with some extra interior and exterior light bulbs so you're covered when they burn out

Water pressure regulator—maximizes water flow and protects RV plumbing

Hose filter washers—trap dirt and sediment to keep your fresh water supply clean

Sewer hose support—gradually elevates your hose for proper drainage

Ladder—you may need to get up on top of your RV to remove sticks, check for damage, and perform maintenance, so having a folding ladder on hand will be helpful

Toolbox—never leave home without your RV toolbox that's filled with a variety of handy tools, like socket wrenches, screwdrivers, hacksaw, ax, cordless drill, silicon sealant, fuses, lubricant, gloves, etc.

While this list doesn't include every possible tool you might need when venturing out into the great outdoors, it's a good start! Time and experience will make you aware of certain tools that are great to have on hand when calling your RV home. A good idea is to keep a running list on your camping trips of items that you wish you had that you want to pack for next time. Then you can set them out and make sure to pack them for your next getaway.

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