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Things You May Not Know About Our Warranties

Whether you’re buying a $10 electronic gadget or a $50,000 sports car, you’ve probably been propositioned to invest in an extended warranty to cover your purchase. Sometimes it’s hard to know when a warranty may be worth it for the cost of coverage in ratio to the item’s price, what services it covers, and what components are protected. Here at Motorhomes 2 Go, we offer a fantastic selection of warranties that are helpful and go above and beyond to keep your motorhome looking and running like new! Here are some things you may not know about our warranties, so you can decide whether this coverage is right for you.

Types Of Warranties We Offer

Extended Warranty

Most RVs come with a manufacturer warranty, which typically offers limited coverage and only covers repair of damage that results from faulty factory workmanship. With Motorhomes 2 Go’s awesome extended warranty program, you’ll enjoy nationwide protection to make sure that no matter where you travel, you’ll stay covered! We’ll even send someone out to service your RV if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere! Your chassis and coach are covered, and the deductible is low so you can add this affordable protection without breaking the bank!

Roadside Assistance

You won’t have to worry about being stranded with Motorhomes 2 Go’s fantastic roadside assistance program. Call 24/7 for both roadside and RV tech assistance, and with 40,000 service providers and service locations, you’ll never be far from help!

GAP Coverage

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, and in the event of an incident, you won’t want to be stuck paying for it! GAP coverage offered by Motorhomes 2 Go ensures that you won’t be at a disadvantage! RVs naturally lose value over time, but you still may have a high loan balance left to pay on your motorhome. After an accident, insurance may reimburse you a fraction of what you were expecting because of the depreciated actual cash value. GAP coverage pays the difference between the lower insurance reimbursement and deductible against your remaining loan balance. This could save you from having to continue to pay thousands for your RV! This coverage protects against theft or totaling of your RV, so you’ll always be covered!

Tire and Hazard Warranty

Although tires and wheels generally aren’t covered under standard manufacturer’s warranties, our tire and hazard coverage protects against those accidents that can come your way while on the road. This protects against things like potholes, nails, and glass that can wreak havoc and damage your tires. Coverage goes beyond just tires too, also replacing rims or any part of the wheel system that sustains damage from unfortunate incidents.

Interior and Exterior Protection

Aging happens, no matter how great of shape you keep your RV in. This warranty helps to protect both your exterior sidewalls, as well as interior walls and fabrics. So no matter the weather or elements, we’ll get your sidewalls looking like new! We also cover against interior wear and tear, including fabric stains, fading, and cracking. This is especially useful if you travel with children, as it will even cover food and drink stains, crayon marks, and even accidents involving urine, vomit, and blood.

Did You Know?

-We offer extended warranties for different lengths of time, to keep your RV covered for years!

-Extended warranties are transferable through sale, so even if you’re buying a used motorhome that is still under coverage, benefits will be transferred to you!

-An extended warranty practically pays for itself after the cost of one or two part replacements.

-Even if you’re thousands of miles away from home, we’ll get in touch with the nearest RV repair shop to get you the help you need!

Voiding Your RV’s Warranties

These warranties are fantastic for protecting your RV or motorhome, but they can be too good to be true in some cases. Unfortunately, there are certain things you can do that will void your RV’s warranties, leaving you without coverage and liable to pay to repair your RV in case of mishaps. No matter how careful of a traveler you consider yourself to be, accidents happen, and when they do, don’t you want to be covered?

Full-Time Living

Living full-time in your RV, which means leaving your permanent residence to live fully in an RV, can actually void warranties! The added stress on your RV or motorhome that results from frequent travel is seen as more of a liability, and unfortunately may not be covered.

Additions To the Chassis/Frame

There are seemingly endless DIY RV modifications floating around the Internet, and as nifty as some of these mods look, they can void your motorhome’s warranty! Welding or attaching anything to your RV’s frame or chassis is a surefire way to lose your great extended warranty. If you’re ever unsure whether a desired project will spell doom for your RV protection, give us a call here at Motorhomes 2 Go and we can tell you whether to steer clear or go for it!

Altering RV Walls

As much as you’d like to go all "HGTV" all over your RV, if it’s under an extended warranty, you won’t be able to keep the coverage with remodeling. You’ll want to avoid painting or altering interior walls and cabinets, and no matter how much you can’t stand your exterior graphics package, you’ll just have to live with it until your warranty is up!

Commercial Use

Thinking of running a business from your RV? You won’t be able to do so and stay under extended warranty coverage! This one can get a little tricky; some situations, like transporting dogs inside your RV to head to a dog show, can be considered commercial use and render you ineligible for some benefits! This is true for other insurance companies as well, so you’ll want to double check before heading out!

In conclusion, are Motorhomes 2 Go’s warranties worth it? Absolutely! You’ll be able to travel with peace of mind knowing that you’re protected against damage, wear and tear, theft, and won’t pay a staggering amount to get back on the road! The cost against the total price of your motorhome is affordable, and will more than pay for itself over time!

Here at Motorhomes 2 Go, all of our new motorhomes for sale in Grand Rapids are eligible for warranties, so you can fire up the engine and head out! We also have a phenomenal team of expertly-trained RV technicians that will work quickly and efficiently to get your RV back into perfect shape! If you ever have any questions, or doubts about what could possibly void your motorhome’s warranty, don’t hesitate to call or email us and we can point you in the right direction!
What do you think? Are extended warranties the way to go? While we think so, we’re interested to hear your thoughts!

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