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The Pros and Cons of Cooking While Going Down the Road

People who travel in a motorhome know how wonderful it is to be able to carry on daily activities while getting from Point A to Point B without having to make pit stops at rest areas or fast food restaurants. Need a bathroom break? No problem, just stretch your legs and head back to the rig's bathroom. Hungry? That's an easy one, just grab a cold sandwich from the fridge or a snack from the pantry. No need to change course and delay your arrival by making unnecessary stops along the way when you have everything you need on board. But how safe is it to get up and move around when you're speeding down a crowded interstate at 70mph? Not very! There are seatbelt laws for a reason, and they should be followed at all times. But for those of you who sometimes bend the rules and like to drive and make dinner at the same time, we have some advice for cooking on the road. Read on for the pros and cons of cooking while going down the road!

You have your destination plugged into your GPS. Eleven hours down, only 9 hours left to go. You're over halfway there, and the last thing you want to do is stop for fast food that's going to weigh you down and slow you down. Good thing you have a full kitchen on board! How nice would a warm, ooey-gooey grilled cheese taste? Or a hot chicken quesadilla? Even though it goes against all logic to get up and walk around an RV that's careening down the road and surrounded by drivers who are most likely distracted by passengers and cell phones, you can unbuckle and head to the kitchen to make something tasty. Just be quick about it! Here are some reasons why motorhome owners take the risk to make meals on the road:
No Time for Lunch Time

When you're on a long road trip and you still have countless hours stretching out in front of you, the last thing you want to do is pull over for a meal—especially when you can make one in your RV! Why delay getting where you're going when you don't have to! Most motorhomes, like this Georgetown 3 Series 24W for sale at Motorhomes 2 Go, are equipped with a cooktop and oven, microwave, and a refrigerator—the whole package! You can cook on the road just like you do at your campsite. Use the cooktop to whip up mac 'n cheese, sauté chicken, or make these delicious bacon pancake dippers. Put a frozen pizza or quiche in the oven. Or toss a bag of popcorn in the microwave for a yummy snack to help pass the time. Grab some deli meat and a cold yogurt out of the refrigerator for an instant lunch that's healthy, satisfying, and easy to eat even on bumpy roads. The only caveat we want to stress is that these appliances have to be hooked up to propane in order to work, and it's dangerous to travel with your LP tanks on (we address this below!).

Crockpot to the Rescue

Many motorhome drivers share that they like to use a crockpot while traveling so that when they reach their destination, whether it's just for the night or their final stop, they have a hot meal ready and waiting for them. They can enjoy a scrumptious pulled-pork sandwich or a hot crockpot lasagna. They eat healthier and they save money by not eating out! But a crockpot requires an inverter, so make sure to bring one along. Also, many people warn of not securing the crockpot while driving and the lid sliding off when going around turns or slamming on the brakes. For this reason, it's best to put it in the sink to contain it. However don't try securing the lid on tightly, as a crockpot needs to vent while it cooks.



The scariest thing about using your RV's kitchen while traveling down the road is that you run the risk of a fire or explosion by having your LP tanks open and sending gas to the appliances. The bumps and jars of the open road can easily jostle your appliances, causing a break in the propane line. Gas will escape into your RV and it only takes a small spark to ignite an explosion! If, God forbid, you get into an accident going down the road and your propane is on, it's the perfect recipe for disaster. Your RV could go up in flames in an instant. Also, you should never drive into a gas station, tunnel, or onto a ferry with your LP tanks running, and it would be very easy to forget to turn them off when your mind is shrouded in a cloudy haze from driving for days.

Messes Happen

While it would be awesome to pull into your campsite after 10 hours on the road and have your favorite casserole hot and ready for dinner or arrive at a family potluck and pull your famous Swedish meatballs out of the oven, things don't always go as smoothly as you'd hope! A car cuts you off and you have to swerve onto the shoulder of the road. Someone right in front of you slams on their brakes so they don't miss their exit, sending your RV nose-diving into the pavement in front of you so you don't rear-end them. You're in a hurry to make the light and you take the sharp corner a little too fast. Getting to your destination isn't always smooth sailing, and when slamming brakes and sharp turns happen, so do messes! Big ones! Your chicken and rice casserole ends up on the inside walls of your oven. Your meatballs are overturned and rolling around everywhere! Instead of enjoying the delicious meal you've been smelling in the oven for the last 50 miles, you're wondering how you're going to clean up such an awful mess (and your stomach is growling while you scratch your head in disbelief!). If you choose to make meals while you make headway down the open road, keep your safety in mind! Spend as little time as possible unbuckled and walking around. Do whatever prep work you can ahead of time or while seated. Some motorhomes, like this Jayco Alante 26X, have the kitchen located right behind the passenger seat, making for easy and quick access. While being able to cook while traveling is great, it's not worth your life!
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