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Strange Roadside Attractions To Liven Up Your Road Trip

The classic pastime of road trips is about as old as cars themselves, and what’s a good road trip without a good roadside attraction? Be sure to pull over, stretch your legs, and check out these strange roadside attractions that are sure to liven up your road trip!


There are plenty of interesting roadside attractions right here in our home state of Michigan! There’s something interesting almost everywhere you turn in bigger cities and on rural stretches of road! Here are some of our favorites to keep an eye out for!

Paul Bunyan Statues

There are a staggering six or more Paul Bunyan statues located around Michigan! Both locations of Oscoda and Ossineke claim to be the birthplace of Paul Bunyan, but there are also statues in West Branch, Manistique, at Castle Rock in St. Ignace, and a unique statue made from automobile parts in Alpena! There really isn’t a good explanation as to why Michigan features so many statues of the fabled hero, but they’re pretty cool to see!

World’s Largest Weather Vane

If you’re on the west side of the state, Montague features the world’s largest weather vane! It’s not exactly exceptionally strange, but this completely functioning weather vane is an interesting sight, and definitely not something you come across every day!

Robinson Scenic Gardens - Concrete Statuary

If you’re heading up Highway 131 for a road trip up north, a peculiar roadside attraction sits tucked just off the road in Mancelona. As you approach, you’ll see the bright figures of zoo animals and fairytale figures peeking through trees and you’ll know you’ve arrived at Robinson Scenic Gardens! There are a number of awesome concrete statues to see, and the public is welcome to stop by and take a look! It’s neat, but gives off a spooky vibe too!

Mystery Spot

If you’re up in St. Ignace visiting Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox at Castle Rock, be sure to stop by the Mystery Spot! This unusual attraction is full of odd surprises, which you’ll get to witness on a guided tour where volunteers from the crowd get to demonstrate the peculiar ways that this spot seems to defy gravity!

Indiana - The World’s Largest Ball of Paint

If you’re cruising through Indiana, you’ll encounter some intriguing roadside attractions indeed! One of the most popular stops is the world’s largest ball of paint! Located in Alexandria, this impressive oddity started out as an average baseball, but with more than 25,000 coats of paint being added over the years, this record-holding ball now weighs over 4,000 pounds! Guests might even have the chance to add a coat of paint, which makes the experience even more memorable!

Kansas - The World’s Largest Ball of Twine

Because record-holding oddities are a must-see, a stop to the world’s largest ball of twine in Cawker, Kansas, is recommended! This twine ball has an interesting history, as farmer Frank Stoeber began rolling up spare bits of twine in 1953, and within a few years had a ball that weighed over 2 tons and measured eight feet tall! A rival in Minnesota had also been rolling twine since 1950, and was a contender for the title of world’s largest ball of twine. Both men have since passed away, and while Johnson’s ball has been preserved and has not been added to since his death, Stoeber’s is still being added to, and the town even holds twine-a-thons to keep his twine-wrapping legacy alive!

Washington - Seattle’s Gum Wall

If you’re hitting up the west coast for a road trip, be sure to stop in Seattle to visit its famed gum wall! It all started in 1993 when patrons of the Market Theater began sticking gum and coins to its wall. The strange tradition spiraled out of control and resulted in an entire wall covered in chewed-up gum! The wall was cleaned up in 2015 to help preserve the underlying brick, but visitors have already started adorning the wall with their sticky “I was here” reminders, so stop by and add your own!

Maine - Lenny the Chocolate Moose

If you’re cruising through Maine, perhaps to visit the LL Bean Store, stop by and check out Lenny the Chocolate Moose at Len Libby Chocolatier in Scarborough, south of Portland! Not only is Lenny special by being crafted from 1,700 pounds of milk chocolate, he is, in fact, the world’s only life-sized chocolate moose! He stands in a pond of colored white chocolate, so reader be warned, you might have to restrain yourself from taking a big bite out of this tasty attraction!


There’s a little something for everyone in Texas, so take your time and check out the sights!

Beer Can House

If you’re in Houston, check out the Beer Can House, which owner John Milkovisch spent 18 years decorating with flattened aluminum cans! It’s so intriguing, you’ll want to drive by twice!

Cadillac Ranch

Head to Amarillo and spend some time at Cadillac Ranch, which sits along route 66. This popular ranch features an array of classic Cadillac cars which are half buried in dirt yet painted with bright colors, making it an odd, unforgettable sight!

Prada Marfa

For all you fashion lovers out there, you’ll love this interesting roadside stop! What appears to be a Prada boutique just outside of Valentine is actually a permanent sculpture! Although it is disappointingly not a real Prada store, it is stocked with real Prada merchandise, which you can longingly admire from the windows!

Kentucky - The World’s Largest Baseball Bat

Calling all baseball fans! Make your way south through Kentucky to check out the world’s largest baseball bat! This grand slam attraction soars 120 feet above you, just outside the Louisville Slugger Museum! Made from hollow carbon and steel, it is meant to resemble the bat used by Babe Ruth in the 1920s! Be sure to look for the funny display outside the nearby Kentucky Mirror and Plate Glass, where a 3D display shows a baseball smashing into a mirror! If you’re interested in other types of bats and want to see a stranger attraction, head over a few blocks to Caufield’s costume shop, where the purported world’s largest vampire bat hangs off the side of the building! It’s bats galore in Louisville!

Arizona - Cabazon Dinosaurs

Visible from north of Interstate 10, you’ll be able to see one of Arizona’s most incredible views! The Cabazon Dinosaurs are colossal, prehistoric concrete sculptures that will surely thrill kids and adults alike! Created by Knott’s Berry Farm artist Claude K. Bell, these prehistoric giants, Dinny and Mr. Rex, are quite the sight to see! Visitors can enjoy them in the park that surrounds, and can even visit the inside of Dinny’s belly, where a gift shop and creationist museum is held! Even if you don’t agree with the ideals, the visit is worth it to see Bell’s additional paintings and sculptures!

North Dakota - Enchanted Highway

You’ll be treated to not one, but several roadside attractions as you make your way down the Enchanted Highway! Spanning from Regent to Gladstone, this 32-mile stretch features a collection of large scrap metal sculptures! Seven different collections of sculptures can be seen along this stretch, like the Grasshoppers, Fisherman’s Dream, Pheasants on the Prairie, and an eighth sculpture that is in progress! It also features the world’s largest metal sculpture called Geese In Flight! Sure, these are more awe-inspiring than strange, but if you’re ever in North Dakota, make sure you take this scenic drive!

Pack up the car and head out on your next road trip with these incredible strange roadside attractions! They’ll definitely liven up any drive across the U.S., and will be sights that you will definitely never forget! There are countless amazing roadside attractions in every state, so which is your favorite that you’ve encountered on your road trip adventures? Comment to share your neat experiences!

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