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Storage No More! Easy Cleaning Hacks To Get Your RV Road Ready!

Our cold Michigan winter is in your rearview mirror and warm, sunny destinations are ahead! It's time to start planning your upcoming camping trips and get your RV ready for travel! Take that motorhome out of storage and get excited to call it your home away from home when you're basking in the sun along the coast of Florida or hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains. To make sure it's ready to welcome you, try these easy cleaning hacks to get your RV road ready. Happy travels!


Use a dryer sheet to remove stuck-on bugs (and their guts!) from the front of your motorhome. Spray the front of the rig, get the dryer sheet wet, then wipe it anywhere you have bug remains. They should easily wipe right off!

If your motorhome has left an unsightly oil stain on the ground where it was parked all winter, give this hack a try! Crack open a can of Coca-Cola, pour it all over the stain, and let it sit for a few hours. The acidity will eat away at it and you’ll be able to clean it off easily.

Kitchen & Bath

If the faucets in your RV’s kitchen or bathroom have water or rust stains, you can easily remove them by rubbing a cut lemon over them. The acidity of the lemon eats away at the impurities and leaves your faucets looking shiny and new.

For another citric-y solution, give this a try. Attack bathtub rings with a cut grapefruit and salt. The acidity, coupled with the abrasiveness of the salt, should have that bathtub ring going down the drain in no time!

If you have removable burners that have food stuck on them, you’ll love this idea! Put the burners in a big re-sealable bag with ¼ cup of ammonia. Seal the bag tightly and let it sit overnight. When you open the bag in the morning, simply wipe them with a wet towel or sponge to reveal mess-free burners.

Splatters happen in microwaves! And it can be backbreaking work trying to scrub off the caked-on food, especially if your microwave is above your stove. Instead, put the power of steam and vinegar to work for you! Make a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water in a bowl and microwave it for 10 minutes. When it’s done, you should find that the previously caked-on food is a cinch to just wipe off.

Clean your oven with a natural cleaner that doesn’t involve 900°F heat! Make a spreadable (not runny) paste of baking soda and water. Remove racks. Spread the paste around on the inside of the oven, avoiding the heating elements. Let it sit overnight. In the morning, wipe the inside of the oven with a wet rag. Then spray vinegar on any remaining baking soda that you couldn’t remove. It will foam up. Wipe again with a wet rag.

Does your refrigerator smell bad from being in storage for months? Here’s an easy solution for that! Crumple up newspaper and put it in your fridge to absorb the smells. Place some balls of newspaper in the bins that hold your fruits & veggies, meats & cheeses, and toward the back where smells linger. Leave them in there for a few days before you head out on your first camping trip of the season.

Living Areas

For a quicker, easier way to clean out your cabinets, put your vacuum to use. Using the attachments, you can easily reach into the back of your cabinets to suck up the wayward crumbs, wrappers, dust, dirt, and anything else that was left when it was stored for the winter. If you want, you can still go over them with a wet rag just to make sure small dust particles aren’t still lingering.

Ceiling fans are awesome for circulating stale air in an RV. But they’re a magnet for dust and dirt, and they’re a pain to clean. But not anymore with this ingenious cleaning hack! Grab an old pillowcase, slide it over each blade one at a time, and gather the dust into the pillowcase. The dust and dirt will fall right into the pillowcase instead of covering your RV's living area or bedroom.

If you’re noticing that the fabric on your sofa or chair has a spot dried onto it, use a baby wipe to clean it. They have just the right amount of moisture to wet the spot without dousing it in water, and the gentle cleansers in them are perfect for fabric.

Your RV’s woodwork is lovely, but it can be easily overlooked in cleaning. Brighten it up by wiping it with a 1 part lemon oil/ 1 part vinegar mixture on a rag and let it air dry. It’ll remove dust and dirt and will give it a beautiful shine!

An easy way to clean your RV’s ceiling and walls is by using a microfiber mop on an extension pole. When you’re done, just toss the mop cover in the wash and reuse later.

There really is magic in the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! They literally work on everything, from soap scum and scuff marks to crayon and pencil marks on walls. Pack a couple and bring them along on your RV adventures. You never know when one will come in handy!

Dust and dirt settles into the tiniest, narrowest of places and it’s almost impossible to remove it. This cleaning hack makes it a little easier! Dip a Q-tip in vinegar and find all those places your fingers are too big to fit. A Q-tip will do the job!

If you’re a person who sheds a lot, or if you bring your furry friends along on your cross-country adventures, you’ll like this cleaning hack! To pull all of those stray hairs out of your RV’s carpet and furniture, use a window squeegee! Run it along your carpet/furniture and the rubber blade will make the hair cling to it, making it easy to pick up and toss in the trash.

Window blinds are always a hassle to clean! And dust loves to collect on them! An easy way to clean the blinds in your RV is to dip a sock or old T-shirt in a 50/50 vinegar/water solution and then wipe the blinds with it.

Clean your RV’s TV and laptop screens with something you probably have in your pantry if you’re a coffee lover: a coffee filter! Just wipe it across the screens and you’ll notice that it leaves them shiny and clean!

If you take your grandkids on fun getaways in your custom motorhome from Motorhomes 2 Go, you may end up with messes here and there. But it’s not worth crying over! If your granddaughter spilled glitter on your RV’s floor or furniture while making an I Love You Grandma! card, just grab a small ball of her play dough to clean it up. Press the play dough over the spilled glitter and it’ll stick to it. Easy peasy!

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