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Pros and Cons Of Getting a Bra For Your Motorhome

While your motorhome might love the open road, the road might not always be so forgiving on your RV. From bug body splatters to rock chips and dings, the rigors of travel can take their toll, and when you’re dealing with your brand new RV from Motorhomes 2 Go, we understand the importance of wanting to protect your investment. One of the ways you can protect your rig from roadway damage is by getting a bra for your new or used motorhome. But installing one of these aftermarket protection products isn’t the right solution for everyone. Check out the pros and cons of getting a bra for your motorhome and decide for yourself if buying one is right for you!

What Is a Motorhome Bra?

Typically made of vinyl or a similar material, a motorhome bra attaches to the front of a rig to protect it. Most are customized to match an RV’s make, model, and year so that the fit is superb. The function of a motorhome bra is to add a protective layer against bug guts, paint chips, and dents. It's recommended that you remove the RV bra when you reach your destination.

Advantages of Motorhome Bras

  • Keeps Your RV Looking Like New: With your front end covered, it won't age as quickly due to bug splatter, rock chips, and fading from the sun's UV rays.

  • Easy to Attach/Take Off: While adding one more thing to your list of to-dos when getting packed up to hit the road might seem like a hassle, attaching and removing the RV bra is quick and easy.

Consequences of Motorhome Bras

  • Causes Damage: When used incorrectly and left on all the time, a motorhome bra can actually fade the paint on the front end, and dirt can get stuck behind it and cause scratches and blemishes.

  • Impacts the Engine: If the bra on your new or used motorhome doesn’t fit properly, it can block your air intake vents on the front end and negatively affect your engine.

Ideas To Consider

It’s important to note that most of the consequences of motorhome bras are caused either by an ill-fitting product or by improper use. The aesthetic component of motorhome bras is subjective, with some people believing that they improve the look of the rig, and others believing that it diminishes its appearance.


If you want to protect your front end but you aren’t convinced that a bra is the right option for you, there are some alternatives. 3M clear film can be applied, and it’s virtually invisible, so if you like the performance of the bra but you don’t like the way it looks, this may be a better option for you. Another alternative is a spray-on protectant known as Vortex. This polyurethane blend dries in a matter of seconds and is flexible so it won’t crack. Just be careful of who you hire to install this product as it’s best applied by experienced professionals. While Vortex might be the most ideal option for protecting your motorhome, it is also going to be one of the most expensive.

If you want to preserve the showroom quality of your new or used RV and keep it looking just as good as it did the day you drove it off of our lot in Grand Rapids, then consider getting a bra for your rig! Just be sure to use it properly for the best results! Would you recommend that other RVers get a bra for their rig? Let us know why or why not by leaving a comment!

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