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Out of the Norm Recipes

Enjoying a meal around a roaring campfire with family and friends is the best! From a breakfast skillet and cinnamon rolls to hearty foil-packed dinners and desserts, almost anything can be made over your campfire. Amazing! Since sharing is caring, here are some out of the norm recipes and campfire cooking tips you’ve probably never thought of! Enjoy!

Did-Ya-Know Campfire Cooking Tips

  • “Cooking over an open fire” is a tad misleading. On my very first camping trip I was completely shocked (and a little annoyed) that we didn’t throw our food in the roaring flames or hang it in the fire. Isn’t that how you do it? I was prepared to hand over our food to Vulcan, our Campfire God, and let him do his thing with our foil-packed chicken dinner. But instead we just set it on the hot coals around the fire. WHAT? Not quite as dramatic, but sure enough, those hot, glowing coals cooked up a mean chicken dinner! The hot coals offer a consistent heat similar to your oven that cooks your food inside and out, while roaring flames just scorch and burn your food. Use the coals, ditch the flames.

  • Avoid using fresh and green wood for your campfire. They don’t burn and they will smoke you out. Good choices for campfire wood are maple, alder, and oak. And make sure you have extra wood close by so you can feed your fire regularly.

  • Get a good fire going about 45 minutes before you want to start cooking. This gives it time to roar up, then simmer down and produce those hot, glowing coals perfect for cooking.

  • To keep food in foil packets from burning, try this tip. First wrap your food in foil, then wrap it in 2 layers of wet newspaper, then in foil again. This keeps it moist and protected from the hot coals.

  • For foil-wrapped foods, twist ends closed to create handles. This makes them easy to pick up off of hot coals. You’ll also avoid tearing the foil when trying to pick it up which can potentially get ashes on your food. Yuck!

  • Here’s another way to protect your food from the hot coals: line the bottom of your foil dinners with cabbage leaves or thick onion slices. This provides a layer of protection between the coals and your food.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Campfire Recipes

Brown Bagging It Eggs & Bacon (serves 2)


4 strips of bacon

2 eggs

salt & pepper

2 paper lunch bags

2 pointy green sticks

  1. Cut the strips of bacon in half, giving you 8 strips. Line the bottom of each bag with 4 strips of bacon.

  2. Crack one egg into each bag on top of the bacon.

  3. Fold the top of each paper bag down two times and poke a hole through the thick part with the pointy stick.

  4. Hold the bag over the fire so that the bacon cooks slowly. Keep cooking until the egg is done.

  5. Once it’s ready to eat, open the bag carefully (it’s HOT inside!). You can eat it right out of the bag if you want to (but beware of the soggy bottom on the bag!).

  6. Add salt & pepper, ketchup, hot sauce, cheese, or whatever else you like to put on your eggs. Enjoy!

So A-Peel-ing Cinnamon Rolls

Once an orange is halved and gutted of its juicy insides, you can cook your cinnamon rolls in it! Who knew! Unroll your store-bought cinnamon rolls and place one in each orange half. Place all of them on a baking sheet and throw a piece of foil on top. Place the baking sheet on a cooking grate over the hot coals and let them bake. Check on them every few minutes to make sure they’re not burning. Once done, spread the ooey-gooey icing on top and enjoy your warm cinnamon rolls with a slight hint of orange … Mmmmmm!

Hot Dogs on a Rake

Have a large group to feed? Roast a ton of hot dogs all at one time by sticking them on the fingers of a garden rake! No explaining needed here, other than make sure you use a clean rake!

Hang in There Bacon!

Want a fun and easy way to cook a lot of bacon over your campfire while you tend to the eggs and hash browns? Hang your bacon strips over a wooden dowel or stick and secure it over the campfire. Make sure the bacon is ABOVE the fire, not IN the fire. The fat will drip off as it cooks and in just a short time you’ll have mouth-watering bacon that’ll be devoured in seconds!

Melt-My-Heart Campfire Brie

For a little taste of the finer things in life when roughing it, try this wonderfully silky recipe for melted brie. It’s so simple! The only prep work involved is trimming the top rind off of the cheese. Leave the rest on just in case your fire gets a little too hot and wants to burn your cheese (bad fire!). Wrap your trimmed brie in foil, crimping the edges. Place it in a small skillet and set it on a grate above your campfire. Let it warm over the fire until you open it to find a gooey pool of decadent cheese. Dip crackers into it and enjoy! Garnish with cranberries, nuts, honey, and more if desired. Mmm…… so cheesy!

Marshmallows in a Bailey’s Bath

Who says marshmallows are just for kids? At our campsite they’re not! Sure, we set up a s’mores station for the kiddos and it’s always a big hit. But we have one for the adults too, and it’s an equally big hit! Just a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Crème and a dipping glass for our toasted marshmallows is all we use. Our kids can have the chocolate dipped, sprinkle coated, cookie-crumb smothered marshmallows. We’ll take the ones soaked in a bath of Bailey’s!

Campfire Pizza Log

When you think of campfire cooking, doesn’t pizza pop into your mind? No? It doesn’t for me either. But we can change that with this fun Pizza Log recipe that makes pizza a campfire meal!


Refrigerated pizza dough

Pizza sauce

Mozzarella cheese

Italian seasoning

Pizza toppings (pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, etc.)

  1. Roll pizza dough out into a rectangle.

  2. Spread pizza sauce over the dough, leaving about an inch around the edges.

  3. Top with cheese, toppings, and Italian seasoning.

  4. Roll dough into a log shape and fold in the ends.

  5. Wrap the pizza log in parchment paper and then wrap it in foil.

  6. Place it on a grate over hot coals.

  7. Cook for about 15 minutes on one side, then another 10-15 minutes on the other side.

  8. Use caution when opening (HOT, gooey contents!) Can be made ahead and frozen.

Campfire Banana Boats

Let’s go bananas and throw dessert on the fire!


Peeled bananas (1 per person)

Mini marshmallows

Chocolate chips

Other favorite (small) toppings (crushed graham crackers, granola, butterscotch chips, peanut butter, etc.)

  1. Slice each banana down the middle, being careful not to slice it into two pieces! You want to create a topping trough for all the good stuff.

  2. Stuff the banana with marshmallows (but leave room for more goodies).

  3. Sprinkle the marshmallows with the chocolate chips and any other toppings you desire.

  4. Place the bananas on heavy-duty foil. Wrap it up snugly, but leave a little breathing room for the toppings so that they don’t stick to the foil. Nobody likes to be caught desperately trying to scrape all the good stuff off the foil with your nails (or teeth!).

  5. Place wrapped bananas directly on hot coals. Give them about 15 minutes to melt into ooey-gooey goodness. Eat them directly out of the foil with a spoon or transfer to a plate. Banana boats baked to perfection! Mmmm…..

Your Doggie Needs a Sweater

Oh no! Who put the 6-pack on top of the hot dog buns? Now that your buns are squished, you need a Plan B. No problem! Grab a tube of crescent rolls and pop them open. Wrap one crescent roll around each hot dog, poke them with a roasting stick, and cook them over the campfire. Easy-peezy! Squished buns won’t poop on my hot dog party!

For another fun, out-of-the-norm recipe, check out this post on ice cream in a bag! What are some of your favorite abnormal recipes to make while camping? Share them in the comments below!

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