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No Washer or Dryer in Your RV? Try These Helpful Camping Laundry Tips!

Are you planning to head out on an awesome RVing adventure but wondering how you're going to possibly pack enough clothes so that you don't have to "recycle" socks and shirts from one day to the next? Stop right there! While your RV lacks a washer and dryer, it also lacks enough storage space for all those clothes you're trying to squeeze into your bag, so you need a plan B. Learn how to easily wash your camping clothes right at your campsite with these helpful laundry tips that make a big washer/dryer unit look like overkill. Your campsite neighbors, dressed in their stiff, smelly clothes from a few days ago, will be green with envy when they see these ingenious camping laundry hacks!

Perfect for small loads of laundry, the WonderWash is ideal with its eco-friendly design and efficiency at getting clothes clean! This cute little hand-crank machine weighs in at under 6 lbs. and is small enough to tuck inside your RV's storage compartment or secure inside your RV when traveling. The ingenious design is purposefully gentle on clothes (no agitator!) and uses 90% less water than a regular washing machine. It doesn't have any moving parts or a motor, so it'll be right there with you through all your national park visits, boondocking adventures, and fun weekend trips to your favorite local campgrounds with friends. It will efficiently clean ten T-shirts in one load and two pair of jeans in another. While not meant for large family loads, the WonderWash is perfect when you need to wash staples like shirts and intimates, or when one of your little campers returns to your campsite covered in mud. Just toss the soiled clothes in and they'll be fresh and laundered in under 5 minutes! Hang them to dry for that fresh air scent! This super affordable invention can be found here!


If you're in the mood for an easy and affordable craft, you can make your very own portable "washing machine" in no time with just a few supplies. This so-called hillbilly washing machine won't get your clothes as clean as an actual washing machine, but it'll help freshen up stinky, sweaty camping clothes that would otherwise fester in their own filth inside your RV. Here's how to make it:


5-gallon bucket with lid Toilet plunger Knife


    1. Cut a hole big enough for the handle of the plunger to fit through in the lid of the bucket.

    1. If your plunger has an extra inner flap, cut this out.

    1. Cut about 6 holes all around the perimeter of the rubber plunger. Make them about the size of a quarter. This will help cut down on the amount of bubbles your plunging action will create.

That's it! You're ready to wash your clothes in your homemade hillbilly washing machine! Simply put a little detergent in the bottom of the bucket and add some hot or cold water! Then toss in your soiled clothes, set the plunger on top of the clothes, and slide the lid on so that the plunger handle goes through the hole in the lid. Now it's time for the fun part! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to use good old-fashioned elbow grease to wash that dirt right out of your clothes. Use a plunging action to swish the clothes up and down in the sudsy water until you feel like they're clean enough. Once done, you'll want to empty the sudsy water and fill the bucket with cold water to rinse the clothes a few times. Then hang them to dry. This affordable project is easy to travel with and it saves you from having to wear yesterday's socks or T-shirts that have a pungent odor all their own.


People can be so creative! The inventor of this Scrubba Portable Laundry System envisioned a pocket-sized, foldable "washing machine" and made it happen! In just 6 easy steps, you can wash your camping clothes in this microbial-and hydrolysis-resistant polyether TPU bag that weighs only 5 ounces! How's that possible, you're wondering? The secret to this little contraption is the hundreds of internal nodules that act as a flexible washboard that scrubs your clothes clean. All you need is some detergent, water, and your clothes that have seen better days and you're ready to rub and scrub your clothes to cleanliness. When not using it for laundry, you can put your electronics inside of this waterproof bag to keep them dry. Easy and multipurpose! We love it! You can check out this Scrubba bag right here on Amazon.

How do you launder your clothes in the great outdoors? Share your ideas with us and we'll all be on our way to fresher-smelling, cleaner-looking clothes no matter where we go camping! Motorhomes 2 Go in Grand Rapids, MI, is your go-to motorhome dealer with the nation's lowest prices and the largest inventory! You'll find all sizes of Class A, B, and C motorhomes on our lot and in our online inventory. We carry the nation's top brands and we sell them at unbeatable prices! We also offer amazing worldwide delivery and a Fly & Buy opportunity for out-of-state customers! Ask us about our incredible services, no-money-down financing, and trade-in program today and you'll save $1000s on your next motorhome. Call us at 616-420-1721 or visit us online at mhs2go.com today!

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