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Make your Own Outdoor Drink Holder

Spills and bugs are all a part of gathering outdoors for drinks, especially when you have to set those drinks down on the ground. No one wants to have to keep their drink in their hand the entire time. Not only is it annoying but the heat from your hand will quickly warm up the drink, which is no good, especially if you’re enjoying a beer. Make your own outdoor drink holder that will free up your hands, liberate you from spills, and keep them up higher from crawling critters! There are a few different options here so choose the one that fits your situation best, or make them all for different occasions!

Sweet and Simple Can

This holder is easy to make and you can create it using a few items you probably have around the house! This one is great for backyards or campgrounds with dirt or grass. It’s as simple as putting a screw into a soup can. Then you can decorate it any way you want!

Supply List

A large, empty & clean soup can
Spray paint
Drill & bit
Threaded rod of the desired height
2 Nuts that screw onto the threaded rod
2 large washers that fit onto the threaded rod
Strong glue such as Gorilla Glue


1. Spray paint the can any color you want and then let it completely dry!

2. Use the drill to make a hole in the bottom of the can at the center.

3. Place one bolt on the threaded rod and screw it down about 4” or so and place a washer on top.

4. Put the rod through the hole you drilled in the can, place a washer on the rod, and then screw the 2nd bolt down so that it’s even with the top of the rod.

5. Push the rod down into the can so that the washer rests inside on the bottom of the can.

6. Add some glue to the washer on the outside of the can where it will come in contact with it and screw the bolt that is on the outside of the can up to it, making it tight. Let the glue dry completely while the can sits upside down.

Now you have your drink holder! Simply push the threaded rod down into the ground and put your cup inside!

Sandy Drink Holder

If you’re hanging out on the beach or have a sandy campsite, the above holders may not work so well. Because the rod used is so thin, it can easily fall over in the sand. This drink holder is made out of PVC so it has a larger stick that’s also hallow so it will be more stable in soft sand.


2” PVC pipe (Length will depend on how tall you want your holder)
4” to 2” PVC adapter coupling fitting
Paint (optional)


1. Cut the PVC at a 45-degree angle on one end. This will be the end that sticks into the ground.

2. Add glue to the other end of the pipe and then connect the coupler to it. Let the glue dry completely.

3. Paint it whatever color you want!

Once this cup holder is dry, you’re ready to hit the beach with your favorite beverages! If you want a tighter hold for your drinks you can use a 3” to 2” reducer but it will limit the size of beverage you can fit in it. However if you are generally looking to put cans in this holder, then the 3” to 2” coupler will be perfect.

Floating Drink Holder

If you’re floating around in a pool, you don’t want to end up with a circular tan line and a warm drink from holding it or resting it on your leg. You can make this easy floating drink holder from an inexpensive pool noodle!


A pool noodle
An unopened canned beverage
A pen/pencil/marker
A knife
4 popsicle sticks
Glue Gun


1. Using your canned beverage, hold it next to the noodle with as much of the can above the top of the noodle as you will want to stick out. Mark where the bottom of the can is on the noodle and cut the noodle on the line with the knife.

2. Set the short piece of the noodle on one end and place the can on top of it. Draw around the outside of the can.

3. Using caution not to cut through the sides of the noodle (or your fingers), cut out the center of it following the line you just drew around the can. You can taper this cut so that it gets smaller at the end in order to hold other smaller types of containers if you wish.

4. Cut a 10” piece of noodle off and then slit it down the center. Lay these two halves side by side with the flat side down.

5. Place the small piece you originally cut on top of these two in the center of where they meet and draw a circle around it. Cut the circle out of the halves and ensure the small piece fits in it.

6. Flip the halves over. You will use the popsicle sticks as stabilizers and glue them to the bottom running from one half to the other.

7. Glue the small piece down into the hole to keep it in there.

Once the glue is dry you have a floating cup holder that will also help to keep your drink cold! If you want you can even add a rope to it so you can tether it to your seat or yourself so it can’t get too far away!

Floating Drink Cooler

Who wants to have to get out of the pool, river, or lake to get another beverage? Sure they make floating coolers but they can be pretty pricy! Why not just make your own from less expensive things that you may already have laying around at home!


Plastic storage tub
Pool noodle


1. Using your storage tub as a guide, cut your noodle into four pieces that are each a little shorter than the sides of the tub.

2. Run the rope through the inside to these noodle pieces connecting them in a circle around the tub. Ensure that the top of the tub is larger than the opening inside your noodle rectangle.

3. Place the tub inside the noodle ring and then fill it with ice and drinks!

Now you can keep the beverage you’re sipping on in the above drink holder and have more on reserve in this cooler! No need to hop in and out to keep yourself hydrated!

Now you have a drink holder possibility no matter what situation you’re in! Feel free to relax and sip on your favorite beverages without worry of spills or creepy crawlers climbing inside. We’d love to see photos of your creations!

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