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Kitchen Organization

The kitchen in your RV is one of the most useful areas, but it can also quickly become the most cluttered. With all the pots, pans, utensils, and dishes you need for camping, you can see how it can be hard to keep everything tidy. Make sure you have a place for everything and that everything is in its place with these tips for kitchen organization.

The Pantry

The pantry is one of those places that can become a mess really fast. Due to the wide variety of containers, it can get kind of hard to stack things in the pantry. One of the easiest ways to solve this is to get reusable containers you can put things in. Containers such as the OXO Pop Container Set are great because they stack well and sit next to one another. Because they’re square, they nest well and don’t take up a ton of space. Whether you put them in the pantry or the cupboards, spices can be a hassle. There are a lot of them and they bounce around easily in an RV. The Spice Boxes by Carter help keep spices together and add some weight to them so they won’t roll around or tip over in the cabinets. If you need more space for your spices or want to get them out of the cabinets to free up some room, check out this under-cabinet spice rack. Even if you’re not the woodworking type, you should be able to find a contractor that can whip one of these up for you.

Cabinets/Counter Space

Often RV kitchen cabinets are not ideal in shape or size. They're either too small or too tall. If your cabinets are tall, then you've probably noticed that there is a lot of vertical space that can be hard to use. If this is the case in your RV, consider utilizing shoe racks or organizers that are specifically made for kitchen cabinets to give you more storage room inside your cabinets. When it’s time to organize the drawers, it’s good to give everything its own section. This expandable bamboo drawer organizer by Seville Classics is perfect for any drawer. Door-mounted organizers are also wonderful for things like plastic wrap and aluminum foil that typically takes up a lot of space in a drawer. Also, consider using suction cups or hooks to hang commonly used cooking utensils, oven mitts, and potholders to help keep the drawers clutter free. Sometimes you may be faced with just one big cabinet that allows things to move around and has really no defined areas for different things. Create your own compartments in them with these Camco Cupboard Bars to get everything wrangled where you want it. To save a little more space invest in things like these collapsible bowls that will easily take up minimal space. When it comes to saving your counter space you want to make every piece as usable as possible. These bamboo sink covers can double as a cutting board and make the sink a usable space when you don’t need it. Couple that with this collapsible over-sink dish drainer and you’ve really cleaned up your countertops for other things.


The fridge can be hard to organize because it’s just a big open space for the most part. We headed back to Camco for tension bars for the fridge. This allows us to segment the fridge just like the cabinets, and make more defined spaces. It also helps to keep things from sliding around in there when we’re on the road. Once you have your space defined, organizer bins are the best thing for refrigerator organization. These clear containers by Binz allow you to see what’s in them and stack things that otherwise wouldn’t. Putting fresh fruit in containers helps to get the usually large and space-wasting packaging they come in out of the fridge.
Organizing your RV's kitchen will make for a much less stressful trip. Since vacations and camping trips are supposed to be all about relaxation, it only makes sense to get things in order. What are some ways you have found to organize your small kitchen space?

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