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JRide: Everything You Should Know

If you're in the market for a new or used motorhome, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration before making your decision. Not only is this going to be your home away from home, but it'll also be your vehicle. It has to be comfortable to live in and a pleasure to drive. The journey is just as important as the destination, so make sure you choose an RV that's going to soften the bumps, take the edge off the corners, and make the miles stretching out before you fly by with ease.

During your test-driving phase of RV shopping, make sure you get behind the wheel of a Class A or Class C motorhome manufactured by Jayco to experience just how luxurious the journey can be. Equipped with their exclusive JRide system, it offers premium stability and precise handling not found in other rigs. Let's take a look at the components of the JRide system and everything you should know about how they make your ride ultra smooth and exceptionally safe.

Hellwig Helper Springs

Rubber Isolation Body Mounts


Working with your chassis' existing springs, these top-of-the-line helper springs give your rig more support and improve sway control when traveling with a heavy load. These help combat the misalignment, reduced traction, and bad handling that result from fluctuating load weights. These springs offer increased stability, help to evenly distribute your RV's weight, and make taking corners easier. Jayco is one of only a few RV manufacturers that uses these components.


For an ultra-smooth ride, Jayco equips their motorhomes with rubber isolation mounts that greatly reduce vibrations from the road. Located near the tires, they work to absorb road shock as well as dampen noise. They make it easy to enjoy the scenic views that surround you and leave the rigors of the road behind.

Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Jounce Bumpers


What does a Jayco motorhome have in common with a luxury sports car? These Bilstein shock absorbers of course! First used in high-end sports cars and now found in Jayco motorhomes, the unique gas-pressure design of these shock absorbers ensures optimum ride quality and excellent vehicle control. Featuring a 228% larger surface area than a traditional twin-tube piston, they are designed for better vehicle handling, which translates into a better driving experience for you! This monotube design also lasts 2-3 times longer than the twin-tube piston design.


Another component that helps to deliver a comfortable ride is the jounce bumpers. Located underneath the RV's frame, the front and rear jounce bumpers absorb impact and reduce road noises and vibrations by preventing the suspension components from fully compacting when being subjected to shock from potholes, curbs, heavy loads, objects in the road, and more.

Stabilizing Sway Bar

Computer-Balanced Driveshaft


Take the twists and turns of the open road with ease thanks to the JRide system that includes a stabilizing sway bar. Working to keep each side of the rig at a similar height, even when traveling over uneven ground, the sway bar runs from one side of the motorhome to the other, connecting opposite wheels. This valuable component helps reduce sideways tilting when going around corners. You'll be safely rolling down the road, but your RV won't be rolling when you go around corners.


Jayco goes the extra mile with its driveshaft by computer balancing it—a step that is overlooked by most other RV manufacturers. This additional step ensures that it is properly tuned in order to reduce the annoying shudder and vibrations commonly felt on the road. It also guarantees that there is efficient power transfer to all the wheels.

Full Air Brakes

Rear Air Suspension


A motorhome is heavy, and when it needs to stop, you better hope the brakes work properly! The Jayco JRide system equips the motorhome with full air brakes to make stopping, even on steep inclines, consistent and reliable. Air brakes are safer than hydraulic brakes in heavier vehicles, and even though they're more expensive than hydraulic brakes, Jayco uses them on its Class A and Class C motorhomes to keep you, and those around you, safe.


If you envision your cross-country journeys in your motorhome to be more like floating on clouds and less like riding bareback on a horse, then you'll love the rear air suspension that's included in Jayco's JRide system. With the rear air suspension you'll experience better handling on the road and a softer ride, even with a heavy load. While you want to experience everything the open road has to offer, this probably doesn't include feeling every bump in the road. If you're considering trading in your much-loved motorhome for a newer model or are in search of your very first rig, check out our impressive selection of Class A and Class C motorhomes. We have all the best brands, including Berkshire, Forester, Georgetown, Sunseeker, and a great selection of Jayco motorhomes with this awesome JRide system, all at unbeatable prices! You can custom build your very own rig or drive one right off our lot. If you can't come to us, no problem!

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