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How To Make Good On Your New Year Travel Goals

The New Year is here, and if you still haven’t found a good resolution, now is the time! As an RV lover, we hope that traveling more often is high up on your list of resolutions this year! Don’t let this resolution be one that you let fall between the cracks! Here’s how to make good on your New Year travel goals!

Find Your Dream Destinations

Like most people, you probably have a specific dream destination in mind! Whether it’s across the ocean or just across town, there’s a great sense of purpose in knowing where you’d like life’s adventures to take you! Although traveling with an RV admittedly restricts some of the world’s destinations for you, there’s no need to limit yourself! Even if you can’t make this trip this year, there’s no reason to forget about planning a trip to your most desired destination! Check out our list of RV-friendly destinations to visit!

Start Budgeting

One of the biggest things that hold people back from traveling as much as they’d like is money, but if you’re smart and savvy with budgeting and saving, you’ll be able to start building up a travel fund! If you know you want to fulfill your dream of traveling to your most desired location, make this year’s travel goal to start saving as much as possible! If you’re on a tight budget, choose destinations that are more within reach and start saving! It’s also important to stick to your savings plan, so you can keep on track and have enough saved for your departure! Don’t let money be the reason to live a life without travel!

Plan Ahead

From weekend trips to week-long getaways, it’s important to think ahead and plan! This is something you can do as soon as you make your New Year travel goals, as you’ll have a good idea of your vacation time available! Be sure to let your boss know well ahead of time the days you’d like off. If you’re reserving a campsite or a hotel room or booking a flight, planning well in advance and making those reservations can help to save money and ensure that you’ll get the exact accommodations you want!

Get Inspired

Whether you’ve chosen your destinations or not, visualizing your adventures can inspire you to fulfill your New Year travel goals! Read travel magazines or blogs, which will provide more information on your destinations and give you ideas for activities or places to visit on your adventures! Pin striking images and other useful information onto a Pinterest board! Make a separate board for each destination and revisit them often to keep you excited and inspired! If you want to keep things old school, create a travel vision board with pictures, maps, and more! Just seeing different visuals of your destination will help keep you inspired and more likely to fulfill your travel goals!

Talk To Experienced Travelers

Don’t be shy about talking about your upcoming adventures! It’s always nice to talk with like-minded people, and other travel enthusiasts will be encouraging about your travel aspirations! You may also come across someone who has already traveled to your desired destination, and can recommend the best places to visit while there! Visit online forums or travel websites and you’ll be sure to find tons of information from other travelers! If you’re traveling with your RV, get the scoop on the best campgrounds in the area and fun things to do while there!

Find Reliable Travel Companions

Most of us have been in the difficult situation of planning a trip with friends where people back out, money becomes an issue, and drama ensues. This can be a fatal blow to your New Year travel goals! Don’t let other people’s decisions dictate how you travel. Instead, make plans with a super reliable friend or two! A good travel buddy can also help to keep you accountable on keeping up with your budget, and you’ll have fun planning your itinerary together!

Go With The Flow

Sure, there are a lot of components of travel that can be stressful, and it’s sometimes easier said than done, but just go with the flow when it comes to travel! You’ll be less likely to flake on travel plans if you don’t view travel as a stressful experience! Rolling with the punches is especially easy if you’re not restricting yourself to a specific location, and even easier if you’re bringing your RV along! Just pack up and get away from it all for the weekend, or take your friend up on that offer to go on an excursion! Travel is all about experiencing new things and finding yourself, so enjoy your travels every step of the way and don’t sweat it!

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Spontaneous

As important as it is to plan ahead for your getaways, being spontaneous about travel can be empowering and refreshing! Although spontaneity isn’t for everyone, just remember that life is short, and if you have the time and money, why not try something new and break away from the ordinary?

Are you excited for your amazing adventures to come? Hopefully this great guide on how to make good on your New Year travel goals will help to inspire you and keep you on track so you can get out there and live life to its fullest! What other helpful ideas do you have for staying on track of your travels in the New Year? Comment to let us know!

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