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Girl Scout Dessert: Samoa S'mores

In honor of the Girl Scouts' 100th year of cookie sales, they have announced the addition of two new cookies to their collection! Both newcomers to the classic lineup aim to blend two iconic traditions of the Girl Scouts franchise - cookies and s’mores! These new Girl Scout S’mores cookies will be available in the 2017 cookie season, but it’s understandable if you can’t wait that long to enjoy a tasty spin on the fireside favorite! That’s why we’re tipping our hat to the Girl Scouts and their culinary creativity by putting our own twist on the campfire classic! Introducing a mind-blowingly delicious Girl Scout Dessert: Samoa S’mores!

What You’ll Need

  • A well-stoked and toasty campfire

  • Girl Scout Samoa cookies (or another brand of caramel coconut cookies)

  • Large marshmallows (learn how to make your own homemade marshmallows here)

  • Roasting sticks

How To Make

  1. Roast your marshmallow over the campfire until golden brown using your roasting stick.

  2. When cooked to perfection, remove your marshmallow from the heat.

  3. Sandwich your marshmallow between two Samoa cookies, creating a collision of oozy-gooey goodness that is impossible to resist.

  4. Dig in!

This Girl Scout-inspired dessert is sure to be a hit around the campfire! Samoa and s’more, what could be better? Try out this s’more twist on your next outdoor adventure, or go into uncharted waters and try pairing your marshmallow with any one of the Girl Scouts’ 13 other cookie options - including the two new S’mores versions being added to the roster in 2017!

And to curb your s’mores craving until you get to the campsite, make this S’mores Muddy Buddy road trip snack for the ride there! With so many tasty new treats to try out, do you really need another reason to pack up the RV and head to the campground for some fireside fun? Well, here’s ten more! Don’t worry, you and your tastebuds can thank us later!

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