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Experience the Beauty of America with the RV Lifestyle

Have you ever wanted to escape the busyness of your hectic, scheduled life? Or felt the urge to reconnect with nature in a quiet, remote wilderness area? Do you often find yourself daydreaming of floating down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon on a river rafting trip or gazing in wonder at the Northern Lights in Alaska? Don't we all wish to get away from our mundane routines and try something new when we find ourselves in a rut? Not only is it healthy to step out of our comfort zone and travel somewhere new or do something adventurous, but it can be pretty darn fun, too, to pack up and hit the road of adventure. With nothing but the open road in front of you and the wind at your back, the possibilities are endless when you choose to make RVing a part of your life.

Family Time is Fun Time

These days, families can have a hard time connecting. Parents run off to work, kids run off to school and sports. Some days seem like a tornado of commotion. This is where camping comes into the picture. Camping reunites families and helps build bonds that last a lifetime. Most adults who camped as children will say that some of their favorite childhood memories were made while camping with their parents and siblings. Camping exposes children to different people and places and helps them appreciate the diversity and beauty that surrounds them. It also gets them to unplug from technology and live in the moment, which is where real memories are made. Imagine how fun it would be to play Giant Jenga with your kids at your campsite! You can even follow our instructions to make one together as a family if you're so inclined. Or get out the Campsite Bingo and gather around for some rainy day fun! If one of your favorite family meals at home is pizza, then you'll love our Campfire Pizza Log version that you can make and enjoy together as a family. And when you cap off your meal with Ice Cream in a Bag around the campfire, you'll feel the bonds of family strengthening with each story that's told. There are so many benefits to camping together as a family! Try it ... your family will be better off because of it!

Adventure Lies Ahead

I don't know about you, but my hometown isn't anywhere near raging rapids or steep canyons. If I want to go river rafting or spelunking in caves, I have to head either east or west to do these things. And the easiest way to do this is by hitching up our RV and hitting the road toward the red rocks of Utah or the caves of Kentucky. Since making camping a part of our lives, we have taken our family rafting on the Snake River, horseback riding near Zion, whale watching in Maine, and snowboarding in Michigan. We never would've done these things if we hadn't decided to leave our everyday lives behind and try something new. Our running list of activities we want to do on future camping trips just keeps growing with each new destination that we plan to visit. Camping has a way of bringing out the inner thrill seeker in even the most cautious people. Once you pull out of your driveway and leave your fears behind, you realize that there is so much more to do and explore than just what's in your own backyard. And when you share photos of your kids parasailing and you on horseback, the looks on your friends' faces will say it all: What An Adventure!

What You Do Is Up To You

When you go camping, you're allowed to move at your own pace and set your own schedule. The very nature of camping gives you the freedom to choose what you do, who you do it with, and when you do it. The flexibility of camping is appealing for many reasons. Bringing your four-legged friend along to enjoy the great outdoors is easy when you're traveling in your motorhome. There don't have to be any tearful goodbyes thanks to the fact that many RV parks are pet friendly. So pack some Scooby snacks and make room for your fur baby up front with you. Enjoy family mealtime all the time when you're RVing. Have you ever made eggs in a bag, or cinnamon rolls in an orange peel? Trust us, they're easy, fun, and so delicious that you just have to try them! They'll become favorites and you'll be talking about them for years! Feel like taking it easy and spending the day enjoying the nearby beach or doing a craft at your campsite? Try making a Tin Can Lantern that you can use to decorate your picnic table. Or do you want to get out and hit the trails to go Birdwatching? Maybe collect acorns to make Acorn Whistles? You can do any and all of these things! With the easy-going, relaxed pace of camping, you get to call the shots!

Save Money Seeing the Sights

Exploring all the national treasures our country has to offer is easy and affordable when you go RVing! Imagine the costs associated with flying your family to one of our national parks and staying for a week. They add up: airfare, overnight accommodations, meals, transportation, entertainment, park passes, and more. This isn't pocket change. But when you travel by RV, your costs are dramatically less. You save money in almost every area of travel when you bring your home away from home with you! Park fees are less per night than hotel rooms. Food is cheaper (and healthier) when you make it yourself in your motorhomes's well-equipped kitchen. With your own vehicle, you eliminate the need for taxis or a rental car. When you purchase an America the Beautiful Annual Pass, you have access to over 2,000 federal recreation sites across the country for just $80! Exploring the beauty and history of our country has never been easier or more affordable! If you're an RVer, then you know how amazing camping can be! If you're considering giving it a try, do it! The RV lifestyle offers amazing experiences that can only be had by those who choose to leave the comforts of home behind and embrace the freedom and excitement of the open road. Open yourself up to the possibilities that await you when you embark on an exhilarating RV adventure!

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