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DIY Camper Bunk Privacy Curtains

Even kids will appreciate some privacy while on the road! Bunk curtains are a simple, easy way to make RV bunks more of a comfortable, private space for kids to unwind for bed! These also help to keep kids from bothering each other when they should be settling down and going to sleep! If you’re renovating an older RV, or if your new RV didn’t come equipped with curtains, this tutorial for DIY camper bunk curtains makes it incredibly simple and easy to install awesome custom bunk drapes! Check it out!

What You’ll Need:

  • Material for your curtains - dark, thick material works best

  • Fabric glue -OR- a sewing machine with coordinating thread

  • Curtain rods or other curtain hanging system


  1. Measure the space where you’d like to hang your RV bunk curtains so you know exactly how long and tall to cut the fabric. You’ll want to add a few inches on each side for seam allowances and to give your curtains some shape.

  2. Head down to your local fabric store and choose some fabric! You’ll want to choose a material that isn’t too light, as it won’t block out light very well. A darker fabric will work nicely, and you’ll want to be sure to not choose something too thick that it will pull on a curtain rod.

  3. Cut your fabric to the correct dimensions, create your hem, and either glue or sew your fabric to create your curtains!

  4. Next, install your curtain hanging system. The style you choose depends on how your RV bunks are set up! If there is the flat space to do it, a regular curtain rod installed above the bunks can be great! You may find that there isn’t a convenient way to install a regular curtain rod on a top bunk, so you might have to get creative with it! We love this great curtain system from Ikea, which runs a wire overhead that you can hang curtains from!

  5. Attach clip-on curtain rings along the top of your bunk curtains, and hook them on the curtain rod or hanging system.

  6. Let kids enjoy some privacy with their new awesome bunk curtains!

Wasn’t that easy? You don’t have to be super crafty in order to whip up some of these great DIY camper bunk curtains! Let the kids come along and choose their own fabric, which will make their bunk spaces totally one of a kind! You can also use this tutorial to craft curtains for other areas of your RV, like for windows, pop-up bunks, or anywhere else you’d like a curtain! Have any other tips for crafting curtains? Leave us a comment with any suggestions!

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