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Best Camping Gloves

Camping involves a lot of hands-on activities that could result in sore, irritated, or injured hands. Having a good pair of gloves with you could help prevent injuries from foraging for dry firewood in wet conditions, making a tin can lantern, or building yourself a lean-to fire while in the great outdoors. Common hand injuries from camping include splinters, cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, and infections. Always travel with a well-stocked first aid kit for these types of injuries, but you should also consider investing in a good pair of work gloves to help avoid these injuries in the first place. While less expensive ones might provide some protection, they will limit your mobility and ability to use your fingers freely. We've found the best camping gloves that offer protection and mobility and have described them below.
Best Camping Gloves – Pick #1 The Showa 240 is the absolute best glove we could find for a camping situation. Not only is this glove heat and flame resistant, it’s cut resistant. You can gather wood all day long and not worry about ripping them and cutting your hands! Then, when you’re tending to your campfire later, slip them on to keep your hands safe from sparks and heat! These gloves are both strong and comfortable and offer supreme dexterity for pretty much anything you need to do, including moving giant logs and gathering tiny tinder!
Best Camping Gloves – Pick #2 The HearthX Fireplace Gloves are perfect for handling wood and the campfire. These flame-resistant, side-split leather gloves are lines with wool felt for ultimate comfort. They’ll protect your hands from splinters and burns as you gather and add wood to the campfire! They do not offer the dexterity that comes with the Showas, but these are very good for heat and fire!
Best Camping Gloves – Pick #3 The Fireplace Gloves by L.L. Bean are fantastic for tending to your campfire and gathering wood. They’re durable yet soft and comfortable and stand up to both the rough exterior of the firewood as well as the sparks and heat of the fire! These are a great glove to have around the campsite!
Best Camping Gloves – Pick #4 CLC Work Gear offers these great Boxer Gloves with a silicone palm print that’s great for gathering wood or tying up rope. This creates a non-slip surface to allow you to better grasp what you’re working with. They're thin enough that you can still move your fingers with decent dexterity. The only feature they’re lacking is heat resistance!
Best Camping Gloves – Pick #5 These Frost Breaker Foam Form Fitting Thermal gloves are great for winter camping. The foam latex gripping palm is flexible for dexterity yet tough enough to stand up to hauling logs! The thermal knit shell keeps your hands warm in the colder weather! Having a good pair of work gloves with you will make a huge difference on your next camping trip! Invest in a good pair to avoid having to replace them every year. These gloves will help keep your hands clean and injury free on your adventures in the great outdoors! Do you have a pair of gloves that has stood the test of time and saved you from unnecessary injuries while camping? Let us know in the comments below.

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