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Bathroom Organizational Hacks

Because it is so limited, space is extremely valuable in an RV. The bathroom is a common area that suffers from these space limitations, so it’s important to make good use of the space that you do have in this room! Check out these bathroom organizational hacks and learn how to make your RV's bathroom more functional and conducive to your needs.

Double Up On Shower Rods

Adding a second tension rod in your shower can have a lot of benefits. Replace those constantly-falling suction cup caddies and hang baskets from your extra rod with handy S hooks. Put all your shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners in the baskets to secure them for easy accessibility. You can also use your second shower rod to hang up wet clothes and bathing suits to dry!

Make Tooth Brush Holders

Countertop space can be hard to come by in RV bathrooms. Use PVC pipe, an end cap, and a stick-on hook to make a toothbrush holder that can hang on the back side of your bathroom cupboard or cabinet. These simple DIY holders make your toothbrushes ultra-accessible and they can be easily removed if needed. If you are making more than one, put a sticker or some identifying marker on your piping so that you can differentiate between holders.

Use a Utensil Tray

If you have a big enough drawer in your bathroom, use a utensil tray like you’d see in a silverware drawer to organize your bathroom toiletries. The sections of the tray will help to keep things in their place so that you can find them more easily.

Hang a Shoe Organizer

In the RV lifestyle, shoe organizers have a variety of uses. So if you don’t already have one ... get one. You can hang a shoe organizer on your bathroom door to utilize unused space and give yourself an accessible spot for larger products like hair brushes, straighteners, blow dryers, and first aid kits.

Put Up a Magnetic Strip

Bobby pins are notorious for scattering, spreading, and simply disappearing without a trace. Keep track of them and other objects by installing a magnetic strip in your bathroom. Then, you can keep bobby pins, tweezers, and fingernail clippers in one designated spot for safe keeping.

Maximize Your Towel Bar

If you share a bathroom with other people, then this bathroom organizational hack is a no-brainer. Just hang S hooks on your towel bar to easily create more space to dry your towels. If you have utility hooks to hang your towels and rarely use your towel bar, you can also use S hooks to hang baskets off the bar for your toiletries.

Use a Spice Rack

Hang up a spice rack on the inside of your cabinets to create more shelving for smaller beauty products. Doing so will keep your countertops clear of makeup, creams, and other clutter. This hack is ideal for those that have more toiletries than they do spices!

Get a Wine Rack

If we’re using spice racks in the bathroom, we might as well use wine racks too! Wine racks make great holders for fresh, rolled-up towels, and they can also be used to hold hairstyling products. Wine racks are not only functional, but most often, they are decorative too!

With a few of these creative hacks, you can transform your claustrophobic bathroom into a functional space that works for your needs. If you’ve got a bathroom hack that has helped you make the most of your small space, let us know in the Comments below!

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